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not sure when my first post will be, but I made a new blog!
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In high school I was really into blogging, it was my thing. I used to steal the cameras from my yearbook class and take photots of everything! I was in love with the idea of documenting my day to day activities, like my very own photo diary. I photographed my outfits, friends, pets, and food. I did it almost every day without even trying. After high school, I finally decided I wanted to run my own “fashion blog,” hoping that other people would feel inspired from my posts like I did from theirs. But, when I started doing it to try and get attention, I noticed I lost interest in it. I was no longer posting for fun, but I was trying to gain a fan base. 

My point. 

I’m going back to the high school blogging days. Where I can once again, photograph my daily life. This means I’ll have to make the effort in carrying my camera around with me. (which I absolutely hate, because people think I’m good at taking photos - which I am NOT.)


blue in the summer 

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We love lazy Sundays.
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